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At SurfaceGleam Tile & Grout Restoration, floor care is what we specialize in and we do a lot of it!  From tile cleaning and grout cleaning, to sealing, to COLOR SEALING, to grout repair; from tile, to stone, to brick or concrete, we can do it!

SurfaceGleam cleans hard surfaces using a patented process.  We first emulsify the soils with an alkaline solution that bonds with soils, loosening them from the surface.  We then use heat, pressure, and vacuum to remove the soils, bacteria, and viruses from the surface.  What is left is a surface so clean you can practically eat off of it!


Grime Busting

Don't just move the grime around with your mop!  Let us extract the soil load!


Improve Your Look

First impressions are paramount in how your visitors view you!  Are your floors clean or dirty?  What does that say about you?

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Color Sealing

What is Color Sealing?

Color seal is an ultra high quality grout sealer applied to a clean surface that not only preserves and protects grout from future stains and wear, but also beautifies the floor.  You see, sometimes grout will still look a little dirty in places after cleaning if it has deep stains, even after surface stains are removed with a post cleaning acid wash.  You can end up with a splotchy looking appearance in some of the worst or oldest floors.  

Imagine having a like-new floor appearance without having to do major work, and without major damage to your savings!  You can literally pick any color, and we will transform your floor's old, embarrassing stained grout into something you can be proud of.  Not only will your grout have a clean, uniform look throughout the floor, but it will be protected for up to 15 years with the proper care!

To prep the floor for color sealing we must first clean the tile & grout with a process called emulsification extraction cleaning.  A high pH alkaline solution is sprayed onto the floor and agitated into the grout lines.  After some dwelling period, the soils, bonded to the alkaline solution, are reclaimed to the machine using hot water under pressure and vacuum extraction.  Once cleaned, a dilute acid wash is applied and extracted to neutralize the floor and open the grout pores just enough to aid in the color seal adhesion.

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"You can literally pick any color, and we will transform your floor's old, embarrassing stained grout into something you can be proud of."

Let us help you save $$

When surfaces get dingy, moldy, stained, cracked, smelly, or just stubbornly dirty, we can get discouraged and want to just throw our hands up, giving up on ever having it look nice again.  Or we can be tempted to tear it up and start all over.

Before giving up or going to the extreme cost of a remodel, let us suggest an alternative.  Why not save big bucks on a tear down & rebuild by giving SurfaceGleam a call?  We will come out and assess your situation, demonstrate how we can amend your problem, and give you an affordable price!

Our inspections and estimates are free.  Where else can you get that kind of convenience and affordability in your hard surface restoration?

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Family Owned

We are a small, local family owned business.  Headed by Robert Nash, with accounting performed by wife Danielle.  She is from Spartanburg and he is from Florence.  Robert started SurfaceGleam in Myrtle Beach in 2011, and moved the business to the upstate, specifically Inman, after getting married in 2013.